JR King's Green Avengers Garden



Welcome to the home of the JR King’s Green Avengers School Community Garden!

Teacher/Coordinator:  Gwen Bouler

Principal:  Vivian Hughes-Norde

Vice Principal:  Byron Tims

Gardeners:  John R. King’s Green Avengers

This program is open to all of the students of John R. King Academic and Performing Arts Academy, with a primary focus on students in the 3rd & 4th Grades, and a special education (middle school) class.  All students in the program are between the ages of 8 to 13 years.

The garden program at John R. King actually began in the 2012 with 2 raised beds where we grew a variety of vegetables.  In 2013 our goal is to expand our raised bed total to 6 and we will also restore the school greenhouse so that we can grow produce year-round.  Our school would like to be self-sufficient and grow some of the food that can be used in our cafeteria.  The purpose of this site is to record our activities and progress throughout the school year.

On the behalf of the students and the administration…thank you for joining and following us! 


Site Directory

About John R. King (Page)

School Profile (Page)

Message…  (Page)

  • Vivian Hughes-Norde, Principal
  • Gwen Bouler, Teacher/Coordinator

John R. King’s Green Avengers 2013Pictures/Names of students active in the program (Page)

Supporters (Page)

Project Sweet Tomato (Page)

School Activities/Events (Category)

Recipes From The Garden (Page)

Family Activities/Events (Category)

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