JR King's Green Avengers Garden

Days of Our Garden: Diary III (April – May 2013)



 April 4:  The kids germinated some radishes and snap peas before the school spring break.

 “They were so excited.  I am looking forward to when we can get down and dirty and so are they.”

—- Gwen Bouler, teacher/garden coordinator —-


Picture 200

Ryan and Tony holding up our name…”John R. King’s Green Avengers”


Picture 046

Monica, our liaison with the School Garden Collaborative

Picture 243

 This is our home-base…the greenhouse

Picture 246

 Handing out assigments


Picture 081

Clearing the topsoil off of the old beds


April 26

Michigan First Credit Union has donated the following to the gardens of Nolan Elementary Middle School and John R. King Performing Arts Academy and School:


·        Wildflower Garden Seeds – “Hummingbird & Butterfly Mix”

·        Cantaloupe – “Summer Snack” Hybrid

·        Lettuce – “Grand Rapids” Leaf

·        Squash – “Straight-neck Early Yellow

·        Squash – “Table Queen”

·        Sweet Basil Jiffy


·        Grow Greenhouses (72 plants)

·        25 pairs of gloves to be used at the garden

·        A set of hand tools (25 pieces) to be used at the garden

·        3 Watering Cans

·        2 packs (10 per) “T” Labels – Row Markers/Plant Nameplate

Picture 151 

This is our staging area, where we plant our sprouts that we grew in petri dishes

Picture 156

(1) row of lettuce and (1) row of Collared Greens

Picture 343

Some things are growing



Picture 192

Whatever they are, there’s a lot of them!


Picture 398

Mrs. Beamon and volunteers on the installation day of the raised beds


Picture 407

 Caleb leveling the beds


Picture 421

Who is this?  It’s Lashawa Sims, math instructional specialist.  “She gardens”


Picture 423

Celeste Turner, Michele from the LSCO, Caleb, and myself transferring dirt.


May 17

 “The girl at work took our app to the garden resource and picked up the plants yesterday so that is finally done.  Our garden assistant (School Garden Collaborative) came today and we planted a hummingbird and butterfly garden.  I hope it comes up.  The other plants are coming up fine I think and the students love it.”

—- Gwen Bouler, teacher, garden coordinator —-

Picture 441

Finally, the beds are in, plants are going in as well.  Ms. Jones, Jacob, Marquez, and Ryan lay out a plan.

Picture 443

Yes, this makes sense to me!

Picture 445

Deep in thought, “How many beds to go”?


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5 thoughts on “Days of Our Garden: Diary III (April – May 2013)

  1. Awesome! Lessons for generation to generation. You are all teaching them a lot more than just gardening. I think this is one of the greatest things you can do for them…Great job!!!

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